Rob Jarvis talks about the e-learning materials

Essential Clinical Communication: key tasks of the consultation

A package of seven e-learning modules developed with our partners Medilectures, each one looking at a core aspect of the consultation.  The package is aimed at medical students and those interested in developing their clinical consultation skills.

GP consultGathering Info

This e-learning resource was created to provide stimulating audiovisual materials to assist teachers and learners and to complement small group learning. The package

  • provides a comprehensive resource, to enable the learner to explore the key tasks of the consultation.
  • demonstrates a range of clinical settings and scenarios, with doctors at different stages in their career.
  • creates a flexible resource that can be used in a variety of learning formats, for preparation or for reflection on practice
  • provides links between research and practice for developing clinical communication skills

FY1E&PThe video clips are of real doctors approaching each consultation without instruction apart from being provided with the information they would have in real practice.  Each doctor was asked to approach their patient as if for real; it was not scripted. As such the consultations presented in this resource are not intended to be perfect, or gold standard. They depict real doctors, doing what they would normally do, ‘warts and all’. The patients are simulated patients, experienced in enacting different situations. The clips include patients of different ages, gender and presenting with different problems. The scenarios illustrate hospital admissions, the Emergency Department, wards, outpatients and primary care consultations.

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